European Social Forum- European Preparatory Meeting- Istanbul
European Preparatory Meeting of ESF 2010 was held in Istanbul between 21st- 23rd of November. Social Forum of Turkey was the host of the meetings...

ATTAC’s statement on the financial crisis and democratic alternatives
The time is ripe: Let's disarm the financial markets ! ATTAC’s statement on the financial crisis and democratic alternatives ...

As we celebrate our tenth birthday and look forward to the future, we in Attac cannot know how future generations will judge our enthusiasms and...

Urgent Call for Mobilizations to Strengthen Workers Rights in Europe
Joint statement from the three Trade Union seminars on the ECJ judgments on Laval, Viking, Rüffert and Luxemburg cases at the ESF in Malmö 21...

ESF Mobilisation news nr 1-2008
Issued by the Nordic Organising Committee Contact Group for Europe and the World Please resend on mailing lists. Content Special...

Property forms in public service enterprises in Poland in 1989
1. Introduction In 1989, I was a leader of the Solidarność trade union in Olsztyn and for the latter fulfilled functions in the district...

Labour in Poland under neoliberal rule
For the uses of this article, neoliberalism and globalisation will be used interchangeably. By neoliberalism, I shall understand current Polish...

Hired labour in the enterprises of the III Republic
The means of treating hired labour in the enterprises of the III Republic might well serve as subject of a doctoral dissertation. It would supply...

Consequences of privatisation in Poland
Poland, like all countries of Eastern Europe, is a special case. Before 1989, its economy was in the hands of the state. It was a very undeveloped...

Come to the European Social Forum in Malmö 17th-21st September 2008! This is the first time the ESF takes place in the Nordic countries. We hope for...

Make the Hokkaido Summit the Last Summit of the G8!
(Declaration of Participants in the International Solidarity Days of the G8 Action Network, July 8, 2008) The G8 Summit opened in Hokkaido...

The G8 Communique on Climate: Regression, not a Forward Movement
(Statement of organizations affiliated with the G8 Action Network, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, July 9, 2006) The G8's communique regarding their...

Letni Uniwersytet Attac [en]
It all starts of with the question of Social Europe: We are looking at the current situation in terms of social security and solidarity. Is there a...

Thank You, Ireland!
This is not a black friday for Europe, it's a black friday for a model of politics which is deeply undemocratic. To this hour (17:07h) the No...

European program group meeting, Kiev (ESF)
Merging Committees meeting June 5th 10.00 – 12.30, meet at Trade Union House Working in the respective merging groups. Program Group...

Invitation to participate in European Social Forum 2008
This invitation is sent to 5 000 organisations that have organised seminars at earlier European Social Forums in Florence 2002, Paris 2003, London...

Let’s raise our voices in Ireland!
Another Europe is possible! Let’s raise our voices in Ireland! Dear Friends throughout the European Union, On December 13, the Heads...

From Frédéric Viale and Susan George - ATTAC France 2 May 2008 As the world food crisis deepens, authorities from the IMF, the WTO and the...

Against Sectarian Violence and Its Neoliberal Roots: A Call for a Citzen’s Lebanon
Attac Lebanon’s analysis of the current dramatic escalation of violence in the streets of Beirut The violence in the streets of Beirut is...

The third grassroots meeting of Attac regional groups in Berlin
Revolutionary dress rehearsal for the ESU The third grassroots meeting of Attac regional groups in Berlin Participants showed themselves...

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